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Learn From Chef Hollie

The Joyful 12 was created by Chef Hollie Greene as a way to support families in eating more fruits and veggies (and help them enjoy the experience!)

Hollie has worked with over 2,000 parents and children across the country, and knows that kids love eating fruits and vegetables. After attending the French Culinary Institute of New York City, Hollie worked with non-profits to develop programs that help get kids excited about vegetables.

In the Joyful 12, Hollie will walk you through basic principles on introducing children to new foods, tips on how to get kids involved in the kitchen, and all kinds of resources to make you a more confident home cook. She believes in flavor and fun above all else in the kitchen, which is what you get with the Joyful 12!

Real Families Are Excited

Take their word for it!



Aunt of 2 in Minneapolis, MN

Our niece and nephew were both asking for more broccoli after this fresh take of Mac 'n Cheese.



Father of 3 in Novato, California

Joyful 12 has taught me that you do not have begin with a love for cooking to enjoy cooking. Everyone will gain their own appreciation when learning and preparing the simple, delicious Joyful 12 meals. Mine is being satisfied that my children are not only learning a life skill that will nourish them the rest of their lives, but they are doing it humanely for themselves and for the environment by considering veggies and fruits as their first source of food.

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Mother of 2 in South Carolina

We made the dreamy greenie quesadillas tonight. They were fabulous! Even my son loved them and I thought the greens would be a hard sell. They were really filling so I have leftovers for lunch. And I love that avocado sauce…I could eat that everyday. We're having fun trying the Joyful 12 recipes. The kids are always willing to try something new if I tell them it's your recipe.

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Join us for a year of eating in season. Try each veggie three ways, and learn how to get your family involved. Packed with tutorials and tips for the busy parent.

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How the Joyful 12 Project Improves the Health of School Communities

The Joyful 12 Project aims to improve the health of our children by providing cooking education to every parent, teacher, and child in School Communities through a lifetime membership to the Joyful 12.

Schools, through their Cafeterias and Classrooms, are healthier today because of the work being done by individuals and organizations that care about our children’s health. But little to no support has been provided to parents to help make learning about healthy habits at home fun and engaging. We can create sustainable healthy food habits by supporting parents with access to education and resources in their own homes.

How you can get involved

Feel great knowing that every purchase you make provides lifetime access to a family in our Joyful 12 School Projects.

Want to do even more? You can donate directly to the Joyful 12 School Project to help us grow healthy kids at school

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